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Polished concrete, our specialty

Our polished concrete service is available for residential, commercial, and industrial floor surfaces. Once diamond-polished, the concrete floor is a very durable option that can be adapted to the unique style of each project. Béton Multi Surfaces offers several color and finish variants, ranging from more traditional concrete to a terrazzo-style finish. Specializing in concrete pouring and polishing since 15 years, we offer a turnkey service based on the expertise and meticulousness of our professional cement applicators

Set up

The setup of the concrete is a very important step in the process of polished concrete flooring, with 80% of the final result depending on it. That's why our team of cement applicators takes on this step conscientiously. The concrete will be cured to increase its hardness and be ready for polishing at least seven days later. Sanding and polishing are the longest step. It involves a precise method to achieve the desired results, where several passes will be made on the concrete floor. To properly protect the floor, high-quality sealants will be applied, during and after polishing.

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The first choice the client will have to make for their polished concrete floor is the finish. We offer three types of finishes:

  • Subtil (Subtle)

  • Sublime (Sublime)

  • Suprême (Supreme)

Each finish exposes the sand and aggregate of the concrete at different levels.



For the coloring of the floors, we use premium quality natural pigments designed for concrete. This stain is integrated into the mass, meaning directly into the mixture before placement. This process allows for obtaining a uniform color, without demarcation, which will be preserved over time. An impressive range of colors is available and also allows for inserting multiple colors into the same floor.

Italian shower

The Italian shower is certainly one of the most competitive advantages we offer. When the concrete is placed, the slopes of the shower will be made to allow water flow adapted to the size of the shower. It also allows you not to use another material for the shower base, making it a green and sustainable choice. The feeling of natural stone under your feet will charm you.

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For exceptional comfort, why not install an electric or hydronic heating system? Concrete being an excellent conductor, its mass will help heat your home during the long winter months or cool it down in summer. Concrete is also a very malleable material; it's easy to insert new components into it. For example, recycled glass can be incorporated, blending with other aggregates, or even a scraper mat grid at the entrance, which is becoming increasingly common in our homes. The possibilities for inserts in concrete are virtually limitless

Commercial & institutionnal

Easy to maintain and durable, polished concrete is the perfect material for your flooring.

Its properties make it suitable for heavy use.

Its lifespan, equal to that of the building, makes it a wise and cost-effective long-term choice.



"Renovations aren't even finished yet, and I already have a lot of positive feedback for the floor and staircase in my entrance hall. It's simply beautiful. The view upon entering the house is impressive. Thank you!"

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