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Shower base and wall

Our polished concrete shower base is a greatly appreciated product. Easy to maintain and seamless, the shower base we offer is a durable product. Its sleek design without edges, but with an effective slope, will fit into any decor.


Easy to install, requiring little surface preparation, our concrete shower base can be installed anywhere. Can also accommodate a large selection of glass and shower doors.

Offered in standard sizes, 36"X 36", 36"X 48" and 36"X 60", in a multitude of colors, our shower bases are perfect for all spaces. These measurements do not fit your available space? We also offer the possibility of designing your custom shower base, thus being able to arrange the drain according to your needs and according to your measurements.

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It is also possible to include many materials such as shards of mirror, glass or even shells or stones, according to your requests.

Create your own wellness oasis in your bathroom. Bid now to get your concrete shower wall base and transform your bathing space into a modern design masterpiece.

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What should the shower base and walls be glued to?

  • Our shower bases are installed on a level surface, in a double adhesive bond for large format tiles. The walls are glued directly to the waterproof gypsum or to a membrane.

Is there a flange on the base?

  • We add aluminum flanges on each side where there is a wall.

Is the drain cast in concrete or terrazzo?

  • Yes, which ensures a perfect seal. The drain is standard and connects to 2'' ABS or PVC piping.

Should we plan the location of the faucets in the shower walls?

  • No, the holes are made on site. This reduces errors and makes measuring easier.

If you would like to know more about this product or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you !

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