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Countertops with a unique look

Our kitchen and bathroom countertops in concrete or terrazzo are proudly Quebec-made products, crafted from high-quality raw materials. They adapt to all styles of kitchens and bathrooms. Our countertop surfaces will captivate the attention of designers and architects with their chic and timeless appearance.

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As versatile as granite or quartz, concrete and terrazzo can be used in numerous decors, without restrictions on application and design: you can therefore choose the color and aggregate that suit the concept of your project.

Durable, easy to maintain, and resistant to stains and heat, concrete and terrazzo are unmatched materials that instantly add a high-end and unique look.

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We are proud to offer you a green product, with a limitless lifespan and easy maintenance. Our concrete and terrazzo countertops contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are made in Quebec, using local materials, reducing their ecological footprint.

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What are the advantages of concrete and terrazzo countertops?

  • Concrete and terrazzo countertops are durable, easy to maintain, and offer a unique aesthetic due to the variety of aggregates available. They are also customizable in terms of color and finish.

How do you maintain concrete and terrazzo countertops?

  • To maintain the countertops, it is recommended to clean them with a neutral pH detergent and avoid abrasive, acidic, or strong cleaners. Periodic sealing is not necessary but can help preserve their original appearance. Inquire about suitable products for sealing.

What is the average weight of concrete and terrazzo countertops?

  • We are talking about 135 lbs per cubic foot, so 11.25 lbs per square foot with a thickness of one inch. A weight similar to other natural stones. It is possible to install concrete and terrazzo countertops on large surface cabinets.

Can I cut directly on the surface?

  • No, it is not recommended as it can damage the protective sealant and especially due to the wear it will cause to your knives.

Is it heat resistant?

  • The protective sealants we apply to the surfaces do not react up to 350 degrees Celsius. But we recommend using trivets to avoid any risk of thermal shock.

What is the lead time for fabrication?

  • The minimum fabrication lead time for a countertop is 3 weeks, which includes mold fabrication, pouring of concrete or terrazzo, a 7-day curing period, complete polishing, and drying time for the sealant. It is important to note that this is the minimum lead time; depending on production at the time of your order, the production team will inform you of the possible delivery date.

If you would like to learn more about this product or have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are here to help!

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